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This is a culture brochure. It is also a case study in resolve. After the idea of such a brochure came to him, the CEO of data processing giant TSYS began keeping notes. Sometimes on paper, other times on napkins or whatever else was handy, he collected thoughts over several weeks.

The intention was to create a piece that would motivate employees, embolden them, and inspire pride in their company. However, this also needed to have a substantial shelf life and be valuable to prospective clients who saw it.

DRAFT got scans of the notes and a request to turn copy around quickly for an upcoming meeting. Including layout and printing, this 28-page slimline brochure reached its first audience in 48 hours.

TSYS_Culture Brochure cover.png
TSYS_Culture Broch p2.png
TSYS_Culture Broch Ltr.png
TSYS_Culture Broch p3.png
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